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Resource Links

Resources For Recovery

Vetstreet Post-Op Care : Vetstreet offers tips on how to make your pet the most comfortable after their surgery.

Vetinfo Recovery Page : Vetinfo, also an authority on all things related to Fido, has this handy guide on what to do after bringing your pet home to heal.

Assisi Animal Health : This top ten list by Assisi Animal Health breaks down the most important things you should do to avoid extra healing time.

Vet West After-Surgery Signs : These are signs to look for that indicate that your pooch might need extra attention during the rehab process.

Medical Resources

Dealing With the Cone of Shame : The Honest Kitchen provides a humorous and helpful page to help you deal with the medical cone that many pets wear after surgery.

Alternatives to The Cone : Huffington Post has come up with many alternatives to the post-surgical cone : one of which is boxer shorts.

How to Get a Pet to Swallow a Pill : Vetstreet offers yet another piece of quality work, this time giving advice on how to get your pup to swallow a pill.

Complications After Surgery : This site discusses complications after pet surgery, specifically medication-related complications.

Coping With A New Lifestyle

Cesar Milan on How to Help Dogs Cope : Unfortunately sometimes we lose pets during surgery, and the celebrated “dog whisperer” discusses how pets specifically deal with the loss of other pets in this article.

Caring For a Handicapped Pet : Sometimes rehab is for life, and this resource will help you cope with lifelong changes to your pet’s care.

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